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Can I just bring my furniture to your store?

If your items are newer the whole consignment process can often be completed with one or two phone calls. Otherwise we strongly suggest you call us and set up a no cost, no obligation appraisal appointment. We really strive to maintain high standards and have found the appraisal interview with pre-approval to work the best. That way you can understand what we are all about, know what to expect from us and bring your furniture in with full confidence.

I don’t see exactly what I am looking for. What do I do now?

First talk to a sales associate. Sometimes you may not notice an item off in one corner of the store or the item may be coming in soon. Our inventory is constantly changing and many people like to visit us often. We also have a wish list that you can use for those hard to find items.

Can you repair my furniture?

We do not have the facilities to do this. Talk to us as we do know several handyman type people that can help with simple repairs.

What do I do with my old furniture?

Glad you asked. That is what we are all about- changing out furniture through all your life’s phases. We often can take in your old furniture as consignment items while you take delivery of the new items. Let us know as doing this at one time can save in delivery/pickup fees.